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 Case Studies

A child needing Ventolin every 4 hours
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 10 April 2006.

In October 2005, a family with two children visited the "Bowen Technique for Asthma" stand at the Caring Parent Show in Kent, Saskia, who was two years old, was wheezing badly after having a serious asthma attack some three weeks earlier. She was still on 4 puffs of Ventolin every 4 hours. Every time the dosage was reduced the wheezing worsened. A few days later, with the situation getting no better they called for an appointment. Saskia had, by this time, stopped eating for three days and had lost two pounds in two weeks. She was a very unhappy little girl. At the same time, Saskia's younger sister was suffering from reflux and spent most of the time crying in pain. Her fists were clenched all the time, day and night, and had been so since birth 8 months earlier. This was a family in crisis.

Saskia had her first Bowen treatment immediately, lasting only a minute. Her wheezing stopped in a few moments and by the following day she started to eat. Over the next few weeks, Saskia's condition has improved as far as the asthma is concerned but her eating problems have gone up and down. It has become clear that she is allergic to eggs and a number of other products which are now being addressed. Each time she has a problem, she has had Bowen and immediately responds by becoming a much happier child and, often, starting to eat again.

Meanwhile, Saskia's younger sister also had a Bowen treatment lasting just a few moments that first evening. She responded immediately by relaxing and has since slept with her hands and arms relaxed. The reflux problem has been resolved using medication and she is now a happy, crawling child.

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