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 Case Studies

A brother and sister on "puffers"
Written by Alastair Rattray.   Published on 19 December 2002.

Six year old Alex had been having such severe attacks of what appeared to be asthma attacks that he was often sick as a result. His doctor had prescribed a "puffer" which he used regularly for about a year. The attacks continued despite the medication.

Hannah, his three year old sister, had also been prescribed a "puffer" as she had been coughing continuously for about 18 months. Again, the medication had made no difference to the condition. She coughed frequently, about every minute or so.

Both children were treated just once, with a follow-on booked for a fortnight later. Hannah only received the "Asthma Procedure", taking the usual 30 seconds to administer, while Alex had a slightly longer treatment.

When the follow-on did not take place, the parents were called to enquire on the situation.
The children had responded in 3 days after the treatment. Alex was completely better after 3 days and Hannah stopped coughing about the same time. The parents had then forgotten about the situation as they were no longer needing to give them their medication.

Now, 18 months on, they both remain fine. Their parents report that when Alex gets a cold these days, it does not cause any problem, does not last long and he does not suffer the follow-on cough he used to have.

They have only received one further treatment since that first one from their grandmother, herself a qualified Bowen therapist.

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