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 Case Studies

Heavy Colds once a month for the past year
Written by Vanessa Widley-Ashworth.   Published on 15 July 2002.

Joshua, aged 2 years 10 months, had been suffering heavy colds once a month during the past year. He had 3 chest infections and was prescribed Amoxilyan each time. Eight months previously, he had reacted against antibiotics, coming out in a red rash all over.

Joshua is a hyperactive child but was being woken three times a night with coughing to such an extent that he was disturbing adjacent flat dwellers. A few days before his parents sought help, he was rushed to hospital with a suspected asthma attack. The specialist diagnosed a patch of infection on his right lung. He was again prescribed Amoxilyan.

He looked grey, pale and was still being disturbed at night when his parents asked whether Bowen could help his condition. He also appeared not to be growing.

He was treated 3 times at weekly intervals. After the first treatment, his breathing became normal with no wheezing; there was no chesty cough, although he had had to use his inhaler once when he woke up coughing. He looked well and appeared to have been growing.

After the second treatment, he slept well for two nights, woke up on the third with a cough and cold caught from nursery school. Again, the use of his inhaler immediately settled him.

A month after his asthma attack, the consultant confirmed that there was no sign of infection, his breathing was normal and he was given the all clear.

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