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 Case Studies

  1. The Bowen Release Move changes a life     Published: 12 December 2015
    Tracey from California wrote asking for advice on how frequently she needed a Bowen treatment for her Asthma. In a phone call to discuss this, the way the Bowen Diaphragm Release Move is done was discussed and the importance of it being done gently but quickly, rather like switching a light on . The thumb is best used. It should not "slide" across the skin, but just move the skin to create a very gentle, quick signal to the very sensitive nervous system in the area just below the bottom of the breast bone.

    The main text below is emails sent by Tracey soon afterwards describing in graphic detail how it has changed her life for the first time. Others have had the same reaction.

  2. Long term Asthmatic     Published: 15 November 2010
    A lady in her late '50s who has been an asthmatic since she was a baby. Bowen transformed her life. "I almost lived at the Doctor's before I had Bowen."

  3. Jonathan aged 38     Published: 19 June 2006
    Jonathan recently came for his first treatments. The changes to his life have been so dramatic, he wrote the following to summarise how much this has been.

  4. A child needing Ventolin every 4 hours     Published: 10 April 2006
    A family in crisis with a two year old on Ventolin every 4 hours three weeks after an attack, and her sister suffering from reflux.

  5. Baby born one month prematurely suffering from mucus and wheezing     Published: 07 April 2006
    Jacob was born one month early and suffered from congestion, mucus and a rattling wheeze. He came for his first treatment at 3 months old in April 2006.

  6. A child coughing for 5 months     Published: 07 April 2006
    Oscar had been coughing for 5 months and waking distressed every night. His first treatment succeeded in changing the situation.

  7. Using the gentle "Release" move     Published: 22 October 2005
    The mother of a 13 year old asked for help with his breathing difficulty.

  8. After six years of medication, a serious attack, and then Bowen     Published: 29 November 2004
    Six year old Susannah had a serious viral and asthma attack although always taking her medication. Then she started to have Bowen treatment and began to do things for the first time in her life.

  9. A two-year old who suffered frquent chest infections     Published: 20 November 2004
    A two-year old who suffered frquent chest infections following colds and was often needing hospital attention.

  10. Unable to run more than 20 yards without Ventolin     Published: 06 February 2004
    A six year old who could not run more than 20 yards without needing her inhaler but now runs everywhere.

  11. Jason     Published: 28 January 2004
    Jason was just 13 years old. Often ill, sometimes for up to 3 weeks at a time, he needed his inhaler 5 times a day as well as at night, but quickly responded to Bowen treatment.

  12. Babies can respond very quickly     Published: 18 November 2003
    A baby of only six months and a boy of two years who responded immediately.

  13. Anxiety can also trigger asthma attacks     Published: 18 November 2003
    A seven year old's change of school caused her anxiety and asthma attacks.

  14. A reaction to animals     Published: 18 November 2003
    A 13 year-old girl was having regular asthma attacks and was being sent home from school almost every week.

  15. Two children helped remotely     Published: 10 February 2003
    A parent, living in a country without any Bowen Therapists to help him, wrote asking for advice to help his two children suffering from asthma. His own father had died of asthma.

  16. A brother and sister on "puffers"     Published: 19 December 2002
    A brother who had been on a "puffer" for a year and his sister on a "puffer" for a month who responded immediately to a Bowen treatment.

  17. Heavy Colds once a month for the past year     Published: 15 July 2002
    Nearly three years old with heavy colds once a month and 3 chest infections in a year.

  18. A 9 year-old sports lover     Published: 24 June 2002
    A 9 year-old who needed his "puffer" when running or playing sport.

  19. Two-year-old Isabel     Published: 23 June 2002
    Two-year-old Isabel had been hospitaised with asthma attacks four times then her mother heard about The Bowen Technique.

  20. A 13 year old asthmatic with sinusitis     Published: 17 June 2002
    The child had been suffering asthmatic attacks since birth and had developed chronic sinusitis over three years previously.

  21. That first case     Published: 15 June 2002
    That first case which showed me the enormous potential of the Bowen Technique with asthma.

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